AWS Interview Tips from Amazonians | How to land a Solution Architect or Technical Role at AWS

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It's a pleasure having both Viktoria and Elvis share their experiences at AWS Partner Solution Architect and the entire hiring expectations and process! Please show up with a piece of paper and pencil (ready to take notes!) and have your questions ready in advance.

✔ What is the interview process for landing a job at AWS?
✔ What does a Senior Solution Architect do at AWS?
✔ What are the scope and responsibilities of an L7 Leader?
✔ What is a "culture" fit for Amazon?
✔ What are the technical requirements for an SA?
✔ What is the difference between an SA vs. TPM vs. PMT?
✔ The most significant mistakes you have seen in interviewing candidates?
✔ Best interview advice?


0:00 - PreStart
2:22 - AWS Biggest Interview Mistakes from Hiring Manager + Sr Solution Architect
9:30 - What happens when you reapply after failed AWS interview attempts?
16:30 - AWS Technical BAR (Solution Architect) interview tips
18:00 - What is the best part of your role as a SR SA?
21:00 - What is the AWS Technical Bar + Scope for L7 vs L6?
23:00 - How Amazon (AWS) is different from other FAANG
24:56 - Career Transition from non-tech to Cloud AWS
28:15 - What are the must have Leadership Principles for Solution Architects?
31:30 - Amazon (AWS) using STAR interview answers
36:57 - How long should my answer be AWS Interview Tips for Amazon?
40:38 - Amazon Bar Raiser
44:00 - Amazon Job Offer!
44:50 - Online Assessment for AWS
51:00 - Viktoria's free AWS Solution Architect resources!
53:00 - Technical Sourcer (Recruiter) Interview Tips
54:53 - How important is getting SA Certification?
55:45 - No cloud experience interviewing for AWS
56:50 - AWS (Amazon) job description
58:00 - How to network with AWS Community
1:01:00 - Boomerang AWS Interview Tips
1:02:10 - Is Amazon toxic to work for?

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