Austria’s INSANE Lockdown, Scott Walker Interview, & TikTok Tuesday - Will & Amala LIVE

0:00 - Will Is Watching You
1:08 - Hilarious Exchange Over "You" on Fox News
5:10 - Pro-CRT Dad Threatens 1,000 Soldiers "Locked & Loaded"
22:48 - Gov. Scott Walker Interview
33:55 - Austria's Insane Lockdown
39:01 - The View Won't Let Anti-Mandate Host Speak
46:15 - TikTok Tuesday: LA Is a Dumpster Fire
50:11 - TikTok Tues: Can You Define "Man"?
56:00 - TikTok Tues: Teacher: Don't "Out" Trans Students to Parents

Will and Amala are back today interviewing former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, reacting to Austrian police stopping grocery shoppers to check their vaccine cards, and a former Chinese political prisoner says the US is already an “authoritarian state” but we just don’t know it? Plus TikTok Tuesday and much more!

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CRT supporter says he will bring 1,000 soldiers

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