Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils Review | World’s safest electric jet hydrofoil

Today Andreas from E-surfer.com is presenting Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils Review, the World’s safest electric jet hydrofoil. Follow E-Surfer here https://e-surfer.com/

The Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils

The World’s safest
electric Hydrofoil.

Surf & Fly over water. Fast. Quiet. Emission Free.
Our unique propulsion system fully integrated in the fuselage sets benchmarks. We have brought together design experts from Audi and our expertise in aircraft design to build the most advanced e-foil on the market.

Engineered by former “Pylon Race” World Champion

Aircraft inspired.

Advanced Aerodynamics.
Developed with more than 20 years
experience in aircraft design


Carbon fiber masts and wings deliver maximum stiffness for your flight. Now you can feel every little motion and steer your Audi e-tron foil around any corner. Engineered with high-tech materials and maximum precision by Aerofoils

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