Attract Scholarships subliminal

| Attract multiple scholarships |

Affirmations are :

I attract multiple scholarships
I get a full scholarship for study
I get my desired scholarship
I get any scholarship easily
People want to support and donate for my education
I get a full scholarship that cover all tuition fees
I get scholarships for food and rent
I get scholarships for books, laptop, clothes and anything I need
I attract more than enough money for school
I am opened to receive more scholarships now


Simple Notes 1-4
1.How to use this? You can listen to the audio 1 time or more in a day..daily..repeatedly, till your get your desired results
2. Listen in low volume. You can multitasking, sleeping
3. Focus on positive things in life
4. I wish you best luck :)


What Are Subliminal Messages?
“Subliminal” means below the threshold of conscious perception. Put simply, subliminal audio refers to sounds played at a level you are unable to hear consciously – but that your subconscious mind can perceive.

Subliminal (audio) messages are affirmations that bypass your conscious mind and go straight into your subconscious. These hidden positive affirmations are embedded in the music, just below your hearing level. Because your conscious mind is not aware of the subliminal suggestions underlying the music, it can’t put up barriers against it. That’s why subliminal affirmations avoid any resistance, which would usually hold you back.

Your conscious mind will hear only music… but there is much more happening behind the scenes! With repeated listening, your subconscious mind begins to accept the suggestions as true. Day by day, it’ll become easier for you to reach your goals because you now have tapped into the power source – your subconscious mind.

Music : mell-ø & Ambulo - Childhood Memories
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