ASTROWORLD 2021 First-Hand GONE WRONG | Travis Scott Footage

Vlog of our experience at Astroworld 2021... It was tough to make it out, but we had no idea quite how bad it was.

This video is purely to show what really happened. Out of respect, no identifiable victims are shown. Prayers to all families involved.

The main issue was that there was no exit room. Once people got to where we stayed, one had to part the crowd to get out. Multiple attempts were made to tell staff and a cameraman that something needed to be done. I stayed with the two people I was with because I was responsible for protecting them.

We heard from others about their experience at Don Toliver's performance and the concern about how the crowd was acting this year. A mix of people storming forward and people panicking and storming backward formed the events that proceeded. It is truly unfortunate that this supposed to be fun event turned into a tragedy – I heard from others that there was a completely different energy compared to previous Astroworlds.

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Travis Scott, and other Astroworld performers (Master P, Don Toliver, Roddy Rich, Lil Baby, Drake)
Outro beat by: Lil Nate (
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