Core Top 50 Interview Questions Series |Part #4| Most Important & Frequently asked Questions

In this session, We discussed next top 10 advance level which is most important and Frequently asked in core interview questions with answers thru examples .

Dependency Injection in C#-

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How to read values from Appsettings.json file?
,What is the Options Pattern in ASP.NET Core?
,What are the various JSON files available in ASP.NET Core?
,Can you please briefly explain each setting file or json files in core
,Explain Session and State management in ASP.NET Core
,How to handle errors in ASP.NET Core?
,What are the static files and
how ASP.NET Core serve static files?
,How we can serve the static files outside wwwroot folder in core?
,Explain the Caching or Response caching in ASP.NET Core.
,Describe the URL Rewriting Middleware in ASP.NET Core.
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