Ashley Faus: Path to Thought Leadership

Ashley Faus of Atlassian joins Dr. Jim to discuss a range of topics related to success, including weighted decision matrices, brand building, and credibility. Ashley shares her story of how she found success in multiple passion areas, and offers advice on how others can pursue their own goals.

In this conversation, Ashley discusses her work in product marketing for Atlassian, her experience in a number of different industries, and her philosophy on work-life integration. She also talks about her hobby of baking, which she picked up during the Covid pandemic.

In the beginning of the conversation, the idea of a weighted decision matrix is introduced. This matrix is a tool that can be used to help make decisions. The matrix takes into account different factors that are important to the decision maker and assigns a weight to each factor. The factors are then used to help make the final decision.

Ashley and her husband used this matrix when deciding on colleges. They considered different factors such as location, cost, and degree programs. In the end, they were able to make a decision that was best for them.

Ashley spoke about how to make decisions by weighing different trade-offs. This theory can be used when making decisions about things like job offers, where someone might consider factors such as growth potential, compensation, work-life balance, and the tasks of the role. To use the theory, Ashley recommends picking five categories of things that matter to you, and then assigning a percentage to each category to show how important it is to you. You can then score each job offer you receive in each category, and multiply that score by the percentage to get a total satisfaction score for each job. The job offer with the highest satisfaction score is the one you should take.

Ashley discusses her commitment to her job and how it is tied to her ability to brand build for Atlassian. She notes that as the company has grown, they have realized the need for a more formal process for brand evangelism and that she is a part of that process.

In the conversation, Ashley discusses how her hobbies and skills have helped her become a more valuable asset to her company. She talks about how her love of public speaking and acting has helped her become a face for the brand, and how her knowledge of agile topics has made her a valuable speaker on behalf of Atlassian. She also discusses how the company's value of be the change you seek has helped them build their brand in a more flexible way, allowing employees to be more involved in the company's public image.

She discusses the benefits of being a values-driven company, and how this benefits both the company and the individual employees. She also discusses how being empowered to build one's personal brand helps attract new talent to the company.

Ashley also makes recommendations on how to begin the process of creating a personal brand and getting started with the content creation process. This can help you to start thinking about how your work relates to your personal life and expertise.

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