ASEAN Series 3: Understanding the ASEAN-China FTA (ACFTA) and China-Singapore FTA (CSFTA)

Our 3rd ASEAN Webinar Series co-organised with Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), explored more on the current status of the Economic Cooperation between ASEAN & China. There were insights shared by our speakers on the recent key developments on ACFTA & CSFTA. Also on how FTAs can help to expand your business inot China and gain competitive edge to improve profitability.

Video Agenda:
1) Opening Remarks by Ms Priscilla Soong, Senior Manager - Singapore Business Federation
2) Sharing of Economic Cooperation between ASEAN & China by Ms Lei Jiahui, Senior Assistant Director - Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)
3) Sharing on China-Singapore FTA (CSFTA) by Mrs Yap Si Ying, Assistant Director - Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)
4) Overview of China's Trading Climate and Opportunities in the China Market by Mr Chia Kim Huat, Regional Head - Rajah & Tann Asia
5) Enhanced Rules of Origins of the ACFTA & CSFTA Upgrade Protocol by Ms Teo Yi Lin, Senior Trade Officer - Singapore Customs
6) Upgraded Customs Procedures & Trade Facilitation (ACFTA & CSFTA) by Mdm Fauziah Sani, Assistant Head - Singapore Customs
7) Trade in Services (ACFTA & CSFTA) by Mr Eugene Lim, Co-Founder and Principal - Taxise Asia LLC
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