ASAP! There are colossal differences between them! Meghan and Harry vs. Kate and William

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Royal daughters-in-law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are highly debated persons not only in Britain, but all over the world. And no matter what they do, no matter what continents they live on, they will always be compared to each other.
For example, a body language expert has analyzed the public behavior of both duchesses and concluded that there are enormous differences between Prince William's wife and Prince Harry's wife.
In discussing the intra-familial relationship between the Cambridge and Sussex couple, renowned nonverbal communication expert Bruce Daren explained why the two couples are so different.
If you look at nonverbal communication and subliminal gestures, you can see a huge difference between Kate and William's 'supportive' relationship and Harry's 'submissive' attitude toward Meghan, the expert said.
Between Kate and William we see a high degree of similarity in behavior, if you will, a mirror image. Both encourage each other with gentle touches with looks that express vulnerability. They both enjoy supporting each other in conversation, complementing, passing the word, which certainly speaks to the cohesiveness of the couple, Bruce Darien gave his assessment of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's relationship.
This is in stark contrast to the submissiveness Harry shows toward Meghan, Bruce continued. - If William throws a quick glance in Kate's direction, Harry lingers longer, pausing as if waiting for Meghan's permission to continue. In addition, Meghan and Harry's light touch between Kate and William is replaced by the so-called 'long pat,' when Meghan puts her hand on Harry's, and doesn't take it away for long, the expert makes his comparative analysis.
According to Daren, this gesture by the Duchess of Sussex shows that she has the situation under control. When Meghan says something, she gives him a sign to agree with her with her firm touch on Harry's hand. Even during an interview with Oprah, the Duchess of Sussex often used her touch to remind her husband who is in charge. The expert also stressed that Kate and William's relationship is that of two adults, whereas the bond between Meghan and Harry is like a parent-child bond.
Now I'm not saying it's not right for them. Different couples can have different behaviors and habits that other people don't understand. What I'm saying is that now that I've told it all, you realize that Meghan is in control of Harry all the time, Bruce Darien concluded.
Another body language expert, Judy James, analyzed Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's most recent outing. According to Judy, at the premiere of the James Bond movie, the Duchess of Cambridge behaved in such a way that William wanted to show that even he can't believe his eyes and is very happy to accompany his charming wife to such an important event. Whereas the Duchess of Sussex, on the couple's business trip to New York, showed with her demeanor that she was in charge.

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