Are Your Wheels Worth It? | Oompa Loompa Cycling X Ascent Bikes

As a disclaimer, the IG questions were provided to QX upfront for him to prepare.

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B-Rolls by Khai

0:00 Intro
2:24 Qing Xiang "QX" from Ascent Bikes
5:10 How Ascent Bikes came to life
6:50 Mini Velo's & QX's daytime job
12:40 How did Zenith and Polaris come about?
19:14 Hookless and Tubeless setup
21:48 QX's personal bike
24:00 Bladed spokes
25:51 Hambini's roast/recalls/carbon spokes
30:46 Any in-house hubs coming soon?
31:28 What makes your wheels special?
33:10 Will you make tires?
35:42 Rims are so wide! & Ascent's wheelset lineup
40:26 Any wheels in the works?
44:42 Where are the rim brake models?
46:51 Aren't they just China wheels?
50:08 Process of making an Ascent wheelset
53:26 Warranty policy
56:56 Are you selling more wheels than bikes?
57:37 You wheels are priced very 'competitively'
1:00:47 Biggest selling market?
1:02:42 Feedback from YouTubers
1:07:00 What is your production cost?
1:10:47 Did you see yourself selling wheels?
1:11:52 Weight limit and feedback from riders
1:14:43 Why the name Ascent
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