Are You Experiencing Religious Discrimination? What Are Your Rights?

Are You Experiencing Religious Discrimination? What Are Your Rights?

Are you the victim of religious discrimination in the workplace? Are you being treated differently or unfairly because of your religious beliefs by your colleagues, manager or team members? Well you do not have to suffer…and we can help. Simply sign up to our app and we will connect you to a dedicated lawyer in your state to provide you with legal help to deal with religious discrimination in the workplace.

Take five minutes to sign up and join the millions already empowered across North America by visiting https://patricesrobinson.wearelegalshield.ca today.

At a minimum, your lawyer will consult with you and advise on how to:

• Document the abuse.
• File a complaint correctly.
• And resolve the problem.

If your situation requires further action, your lawyer can review your case and make the next move for you. In the event that your dispute goes to court or a special hearing, your membership provides legal defense, at a 25% discount on your lawyer’s rate.

Hiring a lawyer may sound expensive, but with our mobile app, and for less than a dollar a day, we open the door to experienced lawyers and the justice system. Your employer has a lawyer, so why shouldn’t you? Get The App Here: https://bit.ly/GetTheLegalShieldApp

We Are LegalShield: Find Your Justice.

I hope you enjoyed this overview. I look forward to serving you.

Need More Information? Contact Patrice Samuel Robinson at 519-872-6875
or https://patricesrobinson.wearelegalshield.ca


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