ARE YOU COMPLETE ENOUGH TO HOLD? Are you ready to compete and complete?

ARE YOU COMPLETE ENOUGH TO HOLD? Are you ready to compete and complete?


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Each category must be obtained and sustained - it’s an every day and every moment reliance on the supply of the Holy Spirit.

Complete definition: having all the required or customary or common characteristics, skills, or the like; consummate; perfect in kind or quality. To make whole or entire. All the required. Having all parts or elements; lacking nothing; whole; entire; full:
Completed: to bring (something or someone) to a state where nothing remains to be done. (deliverance: delivered to deliver without deception and defilement)

What characteristics, skills are you missing for what you are called to do, for your companion, children, etc.?
What things are hindering you from competing and completing at a high level?
What things will help you compete and compete at a high level?
What are some benefits of completion?

Problem: Many people are trying to compete against their opposition and complete important things without being completed enough in Christ to do so at a high level. They are working for completion and not from completion.

We must stay in the completed/ finished work of Christ and sustain His completion to compete and complete.

It will be hard to compete and complete in this demonic world if you haven’t been completed or if you don’t sustain completeness.

Because it’s finished, we can finish.

We have assignments to complete. The Christians and the Church were designed to be unmatched opponents of the enemy. We are the innovators and actual creators of the world.

The Finished Work
Means paid in full
Jesus saying it’s finished was him declaring to his Father that the debt owed by humanity was fully paid for.
The finished work worked
It eliminated the debt we each owed
It destroyed the power of sin and satan.
The finished work works.
Once we accept the finished work of Jesus, we enter sanctification, which progressively, if allowed, enables us to compete and complete.
For us to compete and complete, we must cooperate with the sanctification process.
Fulfillment vs. Retirement - we’re full to fill.
We must allow the finished work of Christ to finish or complete the things in us!

We must be
Emotionally complete
Mentally complete
Spiritually complete
Physically complete
Provisionally Complete
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