Are they lying about the pandemic? - Dr. Boyce Watkins

Are they lying about the pandemic? - Dr. Boyce Watkins

According to the, To further compound the problem, the accuracy of these numbers in the U.S. is problematic. Testing remains too low to measure new COVID-19 cases and rates of spread accurately.

As a result, new cases and deaths are drastically underreported. President Trump continues to impede widespread testing because increased case numbers make the U.S. “look bad.” As a result, the decisions affecting the lives of millions are made in a void of information and data. Currently, 30 percent of all COVID-19 cases and deaths worldwide are in the U.S.

COVID-19 numbers are inconvenient to political agendas. The need for reopening to be seen as a success creates pressure to manipulate or suppress COVID-19 data. We have already seen examples of this. The Governor of Florida attempted to prevent information on Florida COVID-19 deaths from becoming public to claim success in mitigating COVID19.

Georgia justified reopening using a graph with case numbers shown out of order to convey a downward trend. The Governor of Kansas ordered a stop to report the rising number of cases and deaths in meatpacking plants. The Governor of Arizona tried to silence a COVID19 epidemiological modeling group that said analysis of cases and deaths, a decision that was later reversed in response to public protest.

Data related to increases in COVID-19 deaths may become challenging to obtain and appreciate. President Trump incrementally increases the expected death toll that will result from reopening in an attempt to desensitize the public to a gruesome new normal. He portrays Americans as “warriors” who “might be affected badly.”

Unfettered spread, often advocated to attain herd immunity, comes at a staggering cost in morbidity and mortality. Also, attaining herd immunity by unfettered infection is a dangerous gamble since it is not clear if effective long-term immunity can be achieved in those who were infected and survived.

Unfettered spread also risks potentially long-lasting complications for many. Research by virologists and clinicians to understand the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how to best treat COVID-19 has only just begun. As we have only been aware of this virus for five months, we know very little about the long-term consequences of having had even a mild case of COVID-19.

Many new manifestations of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis are being discovered, some occurring after patients have seemingly recovered. Many viral infections, including hepatitis, herpesviruses, measles, and papillomaviruses, result in life-long pathogenesis or predispose us to complications later in life. Thus, beyond the deaths associated with unfettered infection, those that survive may suffer long-term health consequences.

Are they lying about the pandemic? - Dr. Boyce Watkins

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