Applying for Guardian or Berkshire Disability Benefits is Challenging

Attorneys Gregory Dell and Rachel Alters discuss Berkshire Hathaway/Guardian Life Long Term Disability handling. Guardian has trended in an unfavorable direction recently, tending to deny more disability claims than usual. Guardian simply does not want to accept liability. When applying for disability benefits with Guardian, or filing an appeal, having frequent treatment with the right physicians and having copies of detailed medical records is crucial.

Your doctors are charged with treating you, not trained to fill out disability paperwork. Guardian knows this, and will exploit it to deny a disability claim. It is important to treat with your doctor and explain in detail why you can no longer work due to a physical or mental health condition and ensure that Guardian fully understands the physical and mental demands of your occupation. Dell Disability Lawyers can help you get your disability claim approved by obtaining medical records, provide customized forms to your physicians, and vocational evidence to help prove your disability claim.

00:00 – Applying for Guardian or Berkshire Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Tips

02:17 – Guardian appears to have had a change of management in 2019 which has made the application for disability benefit process very challenging

05:20 – Strong and detailed medical support is the most important evidence to obtain claim approval.

07:43 – Guardian regularly relies on the opinions of third party doctors or their own doctors to determine if you have any restrictions and limitations.

11:01 – You must present your occupational duties with as much specificity as possible.

14:43 – Never sign the general authorization form requested by Guardian without limiting the scope of the request.

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