Apollonia Studio 6- Season 1 / Episode 4- DJ Vlad of Vlad TV

When Apollonia appeared on Vlad TV last year (her Vlad TV interviews have over 1.5 million views on YouTube!), she asked the creator and host- DJ Vlad, to be one of her first guests on Apollonia Studio 6. Well, DJ Vlad is here!!! From his upbringing and love of Hip Hop to becoming a YouTube institution and industry mogul with Vlad TV @djvlad , he talks with Apollonia and Mr. Seth in a revealing @Apollonia Studio 6 interview that is a must-see! We touch on everything from Vlad's "Best" and "Worst" interviews to the murder of 2pac. Don't miss this rare opportunity to listen and learn about the man behind Vlad TV!

The Queen of the iconic movie "Purple Rain," starring Prince and leader of the girl group Apollonia 6, Apollonia Kotero, is hosting her premiere Podcast, "Apollonia Studio 6", exclusively to the "Apollonia Studio 6" channel on YouTube. Apollonia, along with her co-host, Mr. Seth, has a kaleidoscope of guests from Music, Film, TV, Fashion, Photography, and of course, the Royal Purple Family just waiting to pull up a chair at the purple round table in Studio 6 to talk story, share insights, some laughs and maybe even a tear. This time, Apollonia is going to "Take U with Her!" Welcome to "Apollonia Studio 6."
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