AOC's MSNBC Interview | Hasanabi Reacts

Hasanabi reacts to AOC on Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema on his Twitch stream.


Hasanabi (Hasan Piker) is a Turkish-American Twitch streamer, political commentator, podcaster and youtube creator. He enjoys streaming... alot. (he spent 42% of 2020 streaming) His daily stream consists news coverage, non-political reaction content, and gaming. He frequently watches Livestreamfails, Jubilee, Daily Dose of Internet, Unusual Meme Complications, Casually Explained, All Gas No Breaks, Food Wars, and many more. Okbuddyhasan is a subreddit where he browses memes made by his community about once a week. The second half of his streams usually revolve around him playing video games like NoPixel GTA RP, Rust, Warzone, Among Us, Zelda, and Subnautica.

00:00 - Budget Reconciliation Bill
10:55 - Joe Manchin House Boat
14:39 - High Energy Hasan
15:13 - Twitter Leftists on AOC
18:31 - AOC's Present Vote

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