Anonymous Confessions (Judgies Pod Ep 106)

In This Episode: We discuss a workplace not allowing maternity leave for some, an employee refusing to train some one who got the job they wanted, a listener who hatched a diabolical plan to get back at their step mom, and some one who is upset with their friends' reactions to a head scarf. We also go over a new channel in our Discord called Anonymous Confessions that is a THRILL.

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Intro Music by: Iván

Story Links:

Maternity Leave:

Not Training:

Head Scarf:

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
2:52 Mail
8:59 AITA: Wife's Maternity
19:51 AITA: Not Training
27:54 Back from Break
28:26 CJ: Anonymous Confessions
38:26 LS Sound
41:10 LS: AITA: Trying to Give Pink Eye
51:55 AITA: Head Scarf
56:34 Outro

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