Anna Uskova, who fell into an ice pit in Russia, was found.

The Investigative Committee published a video from the scene of the discovery of the body of a 40-year-old woman drowned in an ice hole. On it, the camera shoots an employee of the committee, who with a folder goes in the direction, apparently, to other law enforcement officers.
Recall, the body of the deceased was found on January 28, after nine days of searching, a kilometer from the scene of the tragedy. The search was also carried out using various equipment: motor drills, drones, video cameras, divers were also immersed under the ice.
During the baptismal baths in the Leningrad region, a 40-year-old woman died. She jumped into the font in front of her husband and two children and immediately disappeared under the water. Rescuers believe that she was literally dragged under the ice. The deceased swam well, played sports and every year plunged into the hole for Epiphany. Close families report that the husband and children of the deceased are seriously experiencing the tragedy, psychologists work with their son and daughter.

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