Anna De Buisseret’s Advice to Care Workers & NHS Staff: Don’t Quit

Anna De Buisseret advises care workers and anyone other employees facing the mandate to “hold the line”– don’t resign, inform yourself of your fundamental rights, and raise a grievance. She explains how an employer has no right to enforce this mandate and can be facing criminal charges for doing so. She refers to many cases around the world being won after employers have acted unlawfully – “if [employers] have taken legal advice… then they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing.”

Livestreamed & recorded 11.11.21 – revisit the livestream:

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Anna’s website: https://informed-consent-campaign.10web.me/

Workers of England union: https://www.workersofengland.co.uk/

ACAS: https://www.acas.org.uk/

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