Anime Boston Day 3 | Con Vlog (Being escorted by Griffin Burns, Pass the Phone, Photoshoot, + More)

Day 3 of Anime Boston was so surreal, I still can't process that we were basically escorted by Griffin Burns himself. I had more footage of us talking to him but didn't want to include it all due to the policies of recording. We're basically best friends with Griffin Burns now though.

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0:00 Waiting for Autograph Passes
0:18 Taking Photos Outside
2:52 Pass the Phone
6:22 Nene Proposes to Nene
6:31 Matt Shipman
6:58 Autograph Lines
7:22 Griffin Burns Escorting Us
10:57 Cosplayers, Eating, Slo-Mos
11:30 Hauls

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All music in this video does not belong to me but was downloaded from various royalty-free music websites!
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