An 8-year journey from Jordan to UPenn! - Dr. Nesreen A Ibrahim | University of Pennsylvania #UPENN

Dr. Nesreen A Ibrahim | University of Pennsylvania
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Hello! Welcome to Caapid Simplified. We started this channel to guide foreign-trained dentists to secure US Dental admissions through CAAPID and ADEA-PASS. We have been sharing strategies, tips, and experiences that helped our co-founder, Dr Nourah, secure 10 interview invites as a fresh BDS graduate through webinars and videos. Whether it is CU Dental, BU Dental, or even the rare and niche UNC-Chapel Hill, we have the experience of being there and seeing what works the best. From a two member initiative, We have grown to a larger bunch of passionate and dedicated team players who are garnering more stories to share with you!

Besides guiding international dental applicants power through the various facets of their application journeys, we have also created a network of dentists through our CSR initiative called Inner-Circle to simultaneously render dental admissions inexpensive by reducing the dependence on middle persons and standardizing strategies that help crack the admission process. Do join our forum - innercircle.caapidsimplified.com and leverage its exclusive benefits to save money and time before you seek professional help. Also, while we can't replace the human touch and personal expertise that only a coach or mentor can offer, we have done our best to productize the first-level work that goes into applications such as NBDE, Caapid Application, SOP writing, preparing for dental interviews and bench tests.

Caapid Simplified - the result of our vision, has helped over 100+ candidates to embrace their dream and own it, further validating our strategies and philosophy. Our journey has been nothing short of exciting, and we are eager to collaborate with you and be a part of your growth!

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