Ambulance (2022) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized हिन्दी

Ambulance (2022) thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Thriller Adventure film “Ambulance: Not Simple Heist.” story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about the two brothers, one is a robber who is adoptive while other is a retired army soldier named "Will Sharp". Actually, " Will Sharp '' passes through a trauma when he is unable to pay for his wife 's surgery. Doctors demand a heavy amount of $32 Million dollars. which is out of range of " Will Sharp". For this reason, he contacts his adoptive brother for help. But his adoptive brother tells that he has no money but a plan to rob a bank. He offers Will Sharp to join him. " Will Sharp" is aware that it is illegal but he joins him reluctantly because he never wanted to lose his wife. Anyhow, both brothers enter the bank with their men for robbery.; On the other hand, one police officer also comes to meet his beloved, a bank employee but becomes the captive of these robbers.

The robbers are detected by police and firing exchanges. Ambulance drives towards it for rescue where Emergency worker "Cam" is also in the ambulance. Both brothers hijack this ambulance and put that police officer into the ambulance to protect themselves from police. Anyhow, the story continues . " Will Sharp '' is a good hearted man so he saves a police officer's life while donating his blood / and "Cam" treats that police officer in the ambulance.

Adoptive brother is a little reluctant and has no soft heart. Police forces continue to chase them. " Will Sharp" instructs "Cam" to provide this money to my wife for surgery, handing her over. And "Cam" understands the whole situation. Anyhow, " Will Sharp" is wounded by police force and he is instantly brought to the hospital for treatment. But his adoptive brother knows that it was "cam" who contacted the police force and he suspects her behind Will Sharp's worst condition now. He begins to kill "Cam" but his adoptive brother himself is killed by " Will Sharp". " Will Sharp" is considered criminal but "Cam" and that officer who was wounded in the ambulance give evidence for him and he remains safe for this and he is treated in hospital. "Cam" also develops a very good bond with her patients in future and this is where the film ends.

I enjoy this story so much because it is so unique, like the never ending surprises and haunting scenes of chase because it was supposed to be a simple heist. The dram adventure element drives us to eagerly watch and discuss a movie. Here we see an unexpected and unique side of reality that we never imagined. All the actors gave commendable performances and we can also see the creativity of the director "Michael Bay".

Images and footage Source: Project X Studios and Universal Pictures Entertainment
Director: Michael Bay
Producer: Bradley J. Fischer
Writer: Chris Fedak (Laurits Munch-Petersen series)

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