Amazon PANICS! Deletes LOTR Fans | Rings of Power RATIOED with 1.8 Million DISLIKES?

Amazon is still DELETING comments and is clearly in PANIC mode as The Lord of the Rings backlash continues over the single worst roll out in pop culture history. The Rings of Power trailer is missing over 28,000 comments and the dislikes have descended to 1.8 million!! Could it be a YouTube "error" or could this be a much more accurate representation of how the fans really feel? One Tolkien adaptor, comic book legend Chuck Dixon, feels the same way calling The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power an ABOMINATION.
The news doesn't get any better. Looks like Amazon might be going after EVERYTHING Tolkien and the only company int heir way is Warner Bros? The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy so let's root for them both to lose.
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