Amazon Interview Questions Q&A live- From An Ex Bar Raiser #38

In this video you'll find 23 Amazon interview questions asked by Amazon interview candidates.

I offer the very best, most expert advice based on my thousands of hours running Amazon interviews and Bar Raising. Amazon interview questions and answers are hugely wide ranging.

So I'll be back twice a week every week to answer their and your Amazon interview questions. It's all Amazon interview questions 100%.

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00:00 pre-Start-
07:00 intro
08:19 congratulations derpmanshu
10:13 Is it worth showing references and certificates in the loop
12:24 what happens after a hiring manager gets your CV/Resume
15:23 will needing help on your technical questions materially hurt your chances
17:07 How easy are phone screens to pass
18:30 How worried should you be about a career gap in your resume
21:51 How job titles work aligned to levels
23:10 Can offers be rescinded if a role placement can't be found
25:30 Can you use the same written sample you used in a prior Amazon job application
27:12 Watch out for GG's upcoming SDM interview with Vivek
28:14 Is it normal for it to take 10days to hear about dates for the next round
30:00 Guess the Leadership Principle
32:25 What is the conversion at loop/final round
33:16 Check out GG's great interview with a Program Manager
33:56 How to prep for the online test
34:12 What it means when your interviewer offers to ask you a different question
35:26 Might you be asked "Tell Me About Yourself" question at a senior level
37:48 Is it appropriate to switch teams in the first few months
40:15 How you aren't compared to other candidates in an Amazon interview process
42:56 How the Amazon referral process works
45:26 What to do if you don't have metrics
47:50 Where to find GG's tips for Graduates
49:00 Can you use another job offer as leverage to get them to speed up the process
53:24 How you should use the feedback survey post interview
55:19 Does the interviewer tell you the LP or do you need to guess it
58:22 How does needing 2 examples for each LP and focusing on the key LPs work together
1:00:36 GG gives away Customer Obsession Leadership Principle Masterclass https://amazoninterviewwhizzacademy.com
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