Amazon Interview Questions- From An Ex Bar Raiser and Senior Leader #77

In this video you'll find a bunch Amazon interview questions asked by Amazon interview candidates and a key topic about amazon interviews.

We offer the very best, most expert advice based on my thousands of hours running Amazon interviews and Bar Raising. Amazon interview questions and answers are hugely wide ranging.

So I'll be back twice a week every week to answer their and your Amazon interview questions. It's all Amazon interview questions 100%.

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00:00 pre-Start-
01:00 intro
04:07 If amazon says to apply again after 6mths does that mean 6mths or a year
06:07 At what point does the clock start ticking on the cooling off period
08:01 Is it normal to be interviewed by a bar raiser on second round
10:26 Can you apply for roles in different countries at the same time
11:25 When you give your STAR answer should you stop at the end of each section
13:05 If you're not put into a cooling off period does it mean you interviewed well but other reasons meant you didn't get the job
15:01 What are the chances of making it through if your role is put on hold
17:18 What happens if an interviewer doesn't show up
19:16 How many LPs should you prepare for. What if you get the same question in different rounds
23:04 Is it normal to be interviewed by someone at the same level as the role
26:42 Can you tell if the interview is going badly
28:55 Can your final interview and debrief be on the same day
30:33 Who do D1C work with
35:03 What to expect in a Phone Screen for PMT
38:03 How many questions will you get per interview
39:43 Can you use the same examples in Panel/Loop as in Phone screen
43:00 Suggestion for writing assessment for solutions architect
45:57 Should you expect the same types of questions in loop/panel as you had in the first interview
47:51 How long should you story be
52:00 How to work out your key LPs
53:37 What happens after you clear the loop
55:35 What if the interviewer asks you for metrics that you think are confidential
58:34 Would European candidates be preferred for roles in Europe
1:00:29 What if you're not asked behavioural questions
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