All Saints Row 2 Easter Eggs Feat. @mrsaintsgodzilla21

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In today's video we compile a list of every single Easter Egg (I think) in Saints Row 2 and give them a brief rundown of what they are, and how to achieve them (as some have multiple steps). Special thanks once again to @mrsaintsgodzilla21 for not only being apart of this project, but for helping me capture some of this cinematic footage you see in the video. Anyways feel free to yell at me in the comments if you feel as if I missed an Easter Egg. Ah who am I kidding, no one even reads these things. I can say whatever I want and no one would even know, isn't that right random person in the comment section?

Reference videos: Saints Godzilla Developer Easter Eggs -
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00:00 Intro
00:30 Zombie Carlos
00:55 Secret Nuke Island Room
1:19 Volition Employee Tombstones
1:31 Horror Noises
1:58 Hidden S*x Cavern
2:08 Jason Mask
2:32 Take On Me Sing Along
2:51 Volition HQ Location
3:29 Pilot Falls Out of Sky
3:48 UFO Locations
4:32 3 Developer Easter Eggs
4:42 Enhanced Adrenaline Mode
5:23 Full Upgrade Demo Derby
5:44 No Car Flip
6:22 Secret Islands
7:02 The Cabbit
7:53 The Mehrman
8:46 Revelations Mission
9:18 Shock Paddle Launch
9:53 Cut UFO
10:26 The Freezer
11:05 Outro

Btw if you're reading this I love you.

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