Akuo Subliminal: Shocking Experience 2

Akuo Subliminal: Shocking Experience 2.
I have been using subliminal since two years. I want to share my experience/side effects with others. So I will share my experience about every other subliminal I am using like miss synergy, akuo subliminal, hypnodaddy, sapien medicine, noonchi, quadible integrity etc.Please stay with me.

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Akuo Subliminal: Shocking Experience 2.

How subliminal works: The subconscious mind is the part of our mind that records everything we experience, it holds our habits and beliefs that are programmed into us at an early age. The subconscious is programmed when we are kids, and then as we get older our conscious mind serves as a buffer to prevent things from constantly changing. This is why its so hard to change bad habits with conscious decisions to do so. The subconscious controls everything from our heartbeat, digestion, DNA, cell growth, bone growth, hair growth and much more. These are all things that happen without us commanding our body to do so.

There are affirmations playing underneath the music so that your conscious mind cannot hear and reject them. Once they bypass the conscious buffer they go right into the subconscious where they are acted on. With this method, we are essentially giving commands to the intelligence that unconsciously controls our body and our cells. This is how people are experiencing fast physical changes that normally would be impossible.


Akuo Subliminal: Shocking Experience 2.

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Akuo Subliminal: Shocking Experience 2.
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