AI, Robots & the Future

Robots and AI are already real products and services. But will they take our jobs? Or even take over? In this video I discuss these questions in a pragmatic fashion, as well as how we may usefully define “artificial intelligence”. Also covered are cloud AI services, and the role AI in digital transformation.


Alan Turing’s 1950 paper in “Mind” on ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’:

IBM Watson (cloud AI):

Google AI & Machine Learning Products:

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services:

Machine Learning on AWS:

Amazon robotics (via Amazon jobs):

Agility Robotics:

Agility Robotics “Digit” robot at work (stunning video):

My Digital Transformation video (details my digital transformation table):

Wilson, H.J. & Daugherty, P.R. & Morini-Bianzion, N. (2017) “The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create”, MIT Sloan Management Review (Summer). This paper is not able for free online, but there is an introduction to it here:

More videos on future technologies, future challenges and future trends can be found at:

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00:00 Introduction
01:19 What are AI & robots?
06:20 Cloud AI Services
09:03 Pragmatic definitions
13:34 AI, robots & jobs
23:30 Will AI & robots take over?

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