AI infused Chatbot - Employee Asistant

We have all come across various AI-powered chatbots while dealing with banks, insurance, comparison websites and even holiday booking websites. Chatbots also find applications in HR functions where they act as employee assistants, helping them provide the information they are looking for on holidays, procedures, policies etc.

In this video, you will see ABP's employee assistant chatbot - Andreia, powered by IBM Watson, who is answering the queries asked by an employee about how many holidays they have left and if they can expense their travel to the UK. The intelligent chatbot is trained to answer these questions but at the same can search through internal files and folders to search for policy documents that would have the relevant information for the employee.

The video also explains the technology behind the bot - What is Artificial Intelligence and how it's being applied here to save time HR teams time and address employee queries quickly.
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