After an unpleasant exit process, they can “accidentally” calculate your notice pay wrong!

After an unpleasant exit process, they can “accidentally” calculate your notice pay wrong!
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The exit process of an employee is a place where you should not make a mistake. Because this is the last interaction with the current/former employee, I won’t give a lecture about this process. You can look at HR companies’ blogs and Youtube channels for more details.

I’m not mentioning my exit process here because it needs proper attention in another review. But I must say that it was a very unpleasant experience, and Builtvisible acted unfairly and unethically. I would like you to imagine this notice pay situation after an unfair treatment made by your company.

After this traumatic dismissal process, they needed to give me my one week notice. Builtvisible put me on garden leave, or we can say they didn’t want me to work, and I will be paid one week more, then my employment will finish. They gave this notice, but they counted the one week wrong. They rounded the days to the nearest end of the month. With that action, they skipped three days from my notice. When we check this document:

If your employer tells you in person that you’re being dismissed, your notice period usually starts the day after you’re told you’re dismissed unless your contract says something different. So if you’re given a week’s notice on Monday, it starts on Tuesday and finishes the following Monday.

If your employer dismisses you by letter or email, your notice period starts on the day after you read it…

…It’s worth checking you’ve got the right notice period and that you’ve been paid for it.

But they “accidentally” skipped my three days in 7 days notice. What a mistake!

If you have worked in a few companies or managed a team, or were involved in hiring/dismissing, you must know this information in your guts. Because any mistake in this notice period leads your company/yourself to a situation like “stealing your employee’s money”. So you want to be away from this situation, right?

I must say that this is fundamental and essential information in HR. The counting notice period is not rocket science. You need to start counting from the next day, and you need to count the days that you must. In my case, it was one week, and they couldn’t count it correctly.

After bringing my complaints and proof, they amended the last employment date. They didn’t say any sorry or something similar for their huge mistake. They just changed it and informed me in a way like it wasn’t so big deal after mentioned but not explained horrible dismissal process.

Builtvisible. I must ask why/how? How did you manage to count wrong after an unpleasant exit process? Why did you keep acting wrong after another? It is clear that you don’t have any professional kindness to your former employee even you made an important mistake about my rights.

I must say to all employees worldwide (especially in Builtvisible). Know your rights! Read your agreements or any other legal papers carefully. Cross-check with the legal resources in your country/state. Your HR administrator can have a short or long amount of work experience, and that experience doesn’t matter in these cases. Your HR administrator/boss can make a mistake willingly or unwillingly, no matter what.

For example, in this incident, my HR administrator looked like(LinkedIn profile) he/she has enough experience in the HR to know this notice period very well. We should remember that this subject is simple and fundamental in HR.
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