Advance Health Care Directives: Don't Put it Off

In this workshop, we will discuss how It is absolutely essential for anyone who is 18 years old or older to have a health care directive. An advance directive helps loved ones and medical personnel to make decisions in the event of a health crisis. The advance directive greatly increases the probability that a person’s wishes regarding health care and end of life decisions are carried out. If a patient cannot make decisions and has created no advance directive, health care providers will turn to family members for treatment decisions. Unfortunately, family members may make decisions based upon ignorance, a desire to end family distress, or even make decisions in bad faith and for ill motive. Registering the advance with the primary health care provider now will ensure that the patient’s desires are heard and not just the voices of family members. Medical personnel may be compelled to needlessly prolong treatment and suffering despite there being no reasonable hope for any quality of life.

Ken Torkelson(Speaker)Bowman & Associates, A Professional Corporation, Attorney
Kenric Torkelson is an attorney that has engaged in family law and probate matters in the Sacramento and surrounding counties since 1977. Currently, he is limiting his practice to creating simple probate-avoidance estate plans for couples and individuals. As part of the estate planning process, Advance Health Care Directives and Durable Powers of Attorney are created to avoid the need for conservatorship of the person or estate.
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