Adriana Lima Carbon Copy - Silent Subliminal [Permanent]

This silent subliminal will transform you into a person like Adriana Lima. This is a carbon copy, so everything about Adriana Lima is going to transfer to you.

Adriana Lima facial features
Adriana Lima body
Adriana Lima fame
Adriana Lima eyes
Adriana Lima waist
Adriana Lima height
Adriana Lima hair
Adriana Lima money
Adriana Lima mouth
Adriana Lima skin texture

Things to do when listening:
1. Keep at normal volume, do not blast the volume.
2. It does not matter whether you are wearing earphones or not, both work.
3. Drinks more water.
4. Have enough rest and sleep.
5. Visualize.
6. Last but not least, believe! believe! believe! Believe in yourself!

For an even faster result, write an email to me for paid request. You can request for a music version too.
[email protected]

1. What are subliminal?
It is a message in the video below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone's mind without their being aware of it. It will change your mind about thinking things. For example, this video will change to the way/look you want. This theory is based on the laws of attraction techniques.

2. Is it work?
One word. Believe in yourself and it will work.

3. How to get fast results?
Listen to the audio while doing other things, such as house chores, sleeping, homework, assignment...You can even play it with your favourite music!

4. Is it permanent results?
Yes, it stays forever.

5. Can I download to listen?
Yes, you can.

6. Do silent subliminal really work?
This audio is not actually 'no sound', the audio is just adjusted to a frequency and volume that human ears are difficult to hear. Don't worry, the affirmations will pass your conscious mind and go into your subconscious mind without you knowing, So, just keep at normal volume and it would work ^.^

7. Why choose silent subliminal?
Sometimes it gets annoying and tired when you were listening to subliminal with music over and over again. I made them silent so that we can listen to the subliminal without getting bored. ;)

Believe in yourself! Enjoy!

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