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How to set up Designation, Group List, Departments, Contract Template List and Hiring Status List

1.Under designation tab here, we can see list of different designation typically includes information such as the title of the position, the reporting structure, the key areas of responsibility, the required skills and qualifications, and any special conditions or requirements of the role.
2.If you want to add click “Add”
3.Enter position name and enter responsibilities
4.And click save
5.We can see now the newly added designation
6.Now for example, if we go to employee’s profile in position section,
7.Here we can specify what is the position of an employee.
8.Just click the position field and choose employees position and click save
9.We can see now what is the position of the employee.
10.Also it will reflect on employee’s profile.
11.Now under group list
12.Here we can see list of different groups, to describe, these is a team of employees that are responsible for a specific task or project. A group is typically organized and managed by a manager or supervisor, who is responsible for ensuring that the team meets its goals and objectives.
13.If you want to add group click “add”
14.Enter group name and click “save”
15.We can see now the newly added group name.
16.If we go to employee’s profile under group section, we can specify here what group is employee belong.
17.To specify the group of the employee, just click in the group field and select what group the employee belongs, and click save.
18.We can see now what group the employee belongs.
19.It will reflect also in employee’s profile.
20.Now under department tab we can see list of different departments, department is an important part of any company because it helps to organize and manage different areas of the business. The department also helps to ensure that specific tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the department can help to improve communication within the company.
21.If you want to add department click “add”
22.Enter Department name and click “save”
23.You can see now the newly added department.
24.Again, if we go to employee’s profile at department tab we can select and determine what is the employee’s department
25.If you want to specify what department the employee is, click the department field.
26.Choose what department and click save
27.Now we can see what Depart the employee is.
28.It will reflect also in employees profile
29.Now if we go to Contract Template List tab. Here, we can see different kind of contract template. A contract template is a pre-drafted agreement between two or more parties. It is a skeleton of a contract that can be customized to fit the specific needs of the parties involved. A contract template can be used for a variety of transactions, including but not limited to: business deals, and service contracts.
30.If you want to add contract template click the “Add” button.
31.Enter Contract name, and the contents of the template.
32.And click “save”
33.Now we can see the newly created contract template.
34.For example, we will create a contract for the employee, we will just click the profile of the employee whom you want to create contract.
35.Go to contract and resignation section.
36.Here we can monitor history of employment of the employee.
37.If you want to add another contract just click the “add” button.
38.Select contract type, after choosing contract type the contract template will appear in the box below.
39.Enter contract salary and performance allowance if there’s any, and enter contract expiration date.
40.We can edit the contract template to add details.
41.Now enter contract condition
42.And click save.
43.We can see now the newly created contract. We can view the pdf file of the contract and print so the employee will sign the contract.
44.Now to attached the signed contract just click the edit button
45.Attach the scan copy of the signed document and click save
46.We can see now the signed documents. So we have proof that the employees is agrees in new contract.
47.The remaining days before the contract expire will also reflect in employees profile.
48.Now in hiring status list tab
49.Here we can see list of Status of an employee, it refers to the rights and protections that employees are entitled to at work. The employment status determines the responsibilities that an employer owes to the employee. Whenever an employer hires new personnel, it is up to them to decide what type of employment status they are hiring under
50.Iif you want to add status, click “Add’’
51.Enter Status Item and click “save”
52.Now we can see the newly created status
53. Now for example if we go to employee’s profile under hiring status field.
54.Here we can select what is the status of the employee,and click save
56.It will reflect now in employee’s profile.

This is how to set up Designation, Group List, Departments, Contract Template List and Hiring Status List for Employee
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