Achieving a Living Wage for Farmers and Farm Workers - A Discussion (Winter Conference Workshop)

What will it take to transform work on organic farms into respected careers, with livable compensation and dignified livelihoods for both farmers and farm workers? Elizabeth Henderson of the Agricultural Justice Project will introduce a few farmers who will discuss the place of fair wages in their operations, then open the floor to discussion between panelists and audience. Talk through how farms could pay more in wages, adjust to rising wage requirements, increase cooperation on (and between) farms, minimize risks and fluctuation, command fair prices and communicate their necessity to consumers.


Elizabeth Henderson (she/her) farmed at Peacework Farm in Wayne County, New York, producing organically grown vegetables for one of the first CSA’s in the state. She co-chairs the NOFA Interstate Council Policy Committee, represents NOFA on the Board of the Agricultural Justice Project and is the delegate to IFOAM-OI. She serves as Honorary President of Urgenci, the International CSA Network. She blogs at https://thepryingmantis.wordpress.com

Brittany Overshiner (she/her) is the co-owner and farmer at Upswing Farm, now in Pepperell, MA. She has started two farms in the last decade, and moved her current farm 3 times due to land tenure issues, growing all the while to a year-round vegetable CSA, with 450 members in peak season.

Jen Salinetti (she/her) For the past 17 years, Jen has been actively involved as a vegetable grower and educator in the Berkshires. She co-owns and operates Woven Roots Farm, a CSA and community wholesale operation focused on bio-intensive growing using no-till and regenerative farming practices. Jen has been a member of NOFA/Mass since college and now serves as board vice president and a proud no-till representative.

This workshop recording comes from the 2022 Northeast Organic Farming/ Massachusetts chapter (NOFA/Mass) Winter Conference. Visit nofamass.org to learn more and become a member.
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