ACE Insight webinar - Building mental health awareness

Part of our ACE Insight webinar series, this free-to-attend event is hosted by the North West group.

Mental health and wellbeing has steadily moved up the business agenda over the last few years, but the pandemic has thrust it into the spotlight - increased levels of stress, poor work/life balance, as well as daily uncertainty, the long-term impact of this global event will be an ongoing challenge for businesses to navigate over years to come.

Join us for an insightful and practical session, hosted by Rebecca King (Curtins) to explore how we can build awareness, look after our people and encourage conversations around mental health and wellbeing.

Rebecca is joined by Liggy Webb, an award winning and bestselling author, presenter and international consultant, recognised as a thought-leader on human resilience. Liggy will be our feature speaker talking about ‘Stress – How to Avoid Burnout’.

Jake Young, Research Associate at the Chartered Institute of Personal Development, will explore two recent projects, taking an evidence-based approach to understanding employee resilience and mental wellbeing in a digital age.

Finally, Martin Lockham of Mates in Mind, a construction based charity, will explore the current state of mental health in our sector and what work is being done to support individuals, businesses and the wider industry.
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