Absolute essentials - Season 2 - 1 (For managing Medical studies)

Welcome to the World of Medical Science!
You’ll be A Doctor in future.
But how will this journey be?
Will it be difficult?
Will I be successful?
What will be my future?
Such & many more questions must be bubbling in your mind & your parents too!!
VMAP presents you with a One Stop Solution…
Presenting a Power Packed Training by Dr. Bankim Jani for your journey to become an excellent Doctor.
Step by step guidance to learn Medical by understanding the subject rather than cramming and other shortcuts for temporary success.
In our first session we shall talk about some vital fundamental discipline & strategies for success in your medical journey. We shall be discussing lots & lots of Brainy stuff... Don't miss it.
See you soon.
Yes... You may ask questions Live or on email...
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