Aarav Ki Jeet | Katha Ankahee | Ep 21 | Full Episode | 2 Jan 2023

Episode 21: Aarav Ki Jeet
Aarav's surgery goes successful and the cancer leaves his body completely. The news makes Katha so happy that she faints. After waking up she expressed her happiness to everyone and promises the donor to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Katha then goes to Arav to give him the great news and spend some time with her child. She reads him stories as her father-in-law gives his wife the news that Katha does not need his money anymore. Watch the episode to know more.

Show Name: Katha Ankahee
Cast: Adnan Khan, Aditi Dev Sharma, Sheen Dass, Samar Vermani
Episode: 21
Director: Ravi Bhushan
Producer: Sujoy Wadhava

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About Katha Ankahee:
Kathaa is a Hindi remake of the superhit Turkish drama '1001 Nights' (Binbir Gece) - Katha Ankahee showcases a repentance love story centered around an unforgettable wound that creates a rift between Katha and Viaan; yet keeping them bound. It discovers the trials of love when an unforgettable incident creates a rift between them while also keeping them bound to each other.

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Aarav Ki Jeet | Katha Ankahee | Ep 21 | Full Episode | 2 Jan 2023
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