A Webinar: On-Boarding and Managing the 21st Century Workforce

"A Webinar: On-Boarding and Managing the 21st Century Workforce" took place on September 9th from 2pm-3pm EST.

The panelists were:

Freda Thomas, MBA, Certified Business Advisor

William “Mac” McNeil, MS, Authorized Partner Everything DiSC

Daniel Bellizio, Esq., an employment lawyer

Roadmap to the Ideal Workforce:

-How to sidestep those frustrating barriers associated with improper hire as well as how to hire properly from the start!

-Introduction to DiSC personality assessment, an invaluable tool, which enables you to identify the proper psychological fit of employees for a high-functioning, motivated environment!

-Instruction in the legal parameters related to new hires and staff, which will keep your business legitimate and spare you from tiresome legal woes!

Let us help you forge a team that can propel your business to greater heights!

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