A Radio Maria Interview with Fr. Petar Ljubicic of Medjugorje

In this video we share a Radio Maria Interview with Fr. Petar Ljubicic of Medjugorje:

Radio Maria: What can we say about the secrets of Medjugorje?

Father Petar Ljubicic responds: When I heard one evening 39 years ago that Mirjana had chosen me to announce the secrets, I initially thought it was a joke.

Later, reflecting, I realized that one cannot joke about such an important thing.

This thought did not leave me alone. I wondered if all of this could be true. It was incredible that Mirjana had chosen me for this task and this mission.

All of this was a great honor, but also a responsibility. I can't explain why, but there was neither fear nor anxiety inside me.

When I met Mirjana she asked me: “Do you already know that you too will have to announce the secrets to the world when the time comes? ”.

I replied: Is all this possible?

It was difficult for me to find words and feelings to answer. I only know that I was filled with a deep sense of joy and security.

What can you tell us about the secrets and their contents?

What message will they deliver when the time for their revelation comes?

Father Petar Ljubicic: Secrets, as the word itself says, are secret and at the moment we do not know their content.

It can be said that they concern particular events that will happen at a certain time and place.

When this will happen we are not yet given to know, but we have the presentiment that with each passing day, we are getting closer and closer to that moment.

The message of each secret will contain this teaching: the life that God has given us, the time we live are gifts from God for us.

It is important to use these gifts in an ever more conscious and better way, truly committing ourselves to following Christ and working tirelessly for our salvation, that is, we must have it impressed in our hearts in every moment.

We must not and cannot live as if we do not have to account for how we live and what we do, but more than anything else it is important to be ready for the encounter with the living God at any moment.

If we live like this then we won't have to be afraid of anything and we won't have to continually ask ourselves when this will happen.

In this disposition, the soul is serene and we will always be ready to welcome God's will in our life.

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