A Post-Mortem to Pivoting and Launching an Indie Xbox Game During the Pandemic

In this session, I'll go over the entire roller-coaster of our development journey of launching our Xbox game during a pandemic including:
- dealing with mental stress and personal battles during a Pandemic
- pivoting our game design to work during lockdown
- integrating platform-specific features for Xbox
- working with [email protected] on approval and launch
- getting our community involved through live streams
- planning our roadmap and keeping up with our game as a service
- our spin on marketing and the uphill battle that it is

In the end, you will walk away learning from what we believe we did right and what we definitely did wrong during our development process, the approach we took to get to launch, and how we continue to improve our game post-launch.

Miranda Lowry
Co-Founder & Sofware Engineer
Black Hive Media

Mandy has been in the game industry for over a decade, self-publishing multiple titles across an array of platforms under her and her husband's indie game studio, Black Hive Media. She is a Microsoft GameStack Ambassador and has worked as a software engineer for various game companies over the course of her career.
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