A Great Way to Get Better Results from Social Media

Social media has been around for decades now and yet many people feel they could get more from it, if only they knew how. If that’s you, check this out.

I can’t pretend to be an expert in all things Social Media but I do know one thing: social media is the microphone not the song.

I am a terrible singer so when I sing in the shower I’m only annoy Mrs Ames.
Give me a microphone and I can annoy thousands.

Social media is a mahusive microphone that can literally reach millions of people.

But if what you’re saying is uninspiring, you’re just making a really loud noise to lots of people. Which is actually harmful to your business and your personal brand.

The key to social media is the song you sing – the substance of your posts.
In this week’s episode of The Mike Ames Show Kirsty and I will be discussing this very subject. How you can get people to engage with your message on social media.

Think of it like a TV channel. If all the TV channel did was broadcast adverts it would make money (for a short time) but would get no viewers and so would fail.

Whereas, if it produced great programmes but didn’t run adverts (and wasn’t publicly financed) it would make no money and so would fail.

It works because the programmes bring in the viewers and they buy stuff from the adverts.

We’ll be discussing how to build your own “TV channel” on social media which is a mix of content and messaging.

PS We’ll also share the 5 key messages you need to broadcast about yourself.
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