A Feel Good Friday thanks for an EIRMC employee who found an envelope full of cash

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EastIdahoNews.com and Ashley in Idaho Falls and Pocatello are partnering to honor people in our community for Feel Good Friday. Every week, we surprise someone deserving of special recognition.

We recently received an email from Terri about an EIRMC employee named Janell who saved Terri’s Christmas. Here’s what Terri wrote:

Janell found a bank envelope with my Christmas cash that I had unknowingly dropped in the EIRMC parking lot. The receipt from my bank was in the envelope. She called the bank listed on the receipt. Two Bank of Commerce branches used the receipt to track me down. The call from my bank telling me cash had been returned, when I didn’t even realize I had lost it, was incredible.

I certainly had a Feel Good Friday. If you choose to honor her, please include my heartfelt thanks.

We decided to thank Janell for her kindness and surprised her at the hospital. Check out the video in the player above!

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