A Deep Dive Into The Furby Fandom

Love them or hate them, Furby - the nostalgic toy from the (late) 90s took over the US and the rest of the world by storm. People wanted the fluffy robot so badly that they fought each other in stores, scalped them online, and the government was concerned that Furby was a spy or at the very least, a national security risk. 
Yet, many people were especially creeped out by Furby, so rumors about the fluffballs being evil, haunted, and possessed started to spread. Add lost media, early internet websites, and weird video games to the mix, and you get a perfect recipe for creepypasta. Or horror video games like Tattletail. Thus, people found creative and horrifying ways to destroy innocent furbots and even made their own fandom for Furby haters.
With every iteration (And there are many!), the number of straight-up bizarre controversies and urban legends surrounding Furby only grew. Remember when we all thought Furby could actually learn words? Yeah. That was a pretty fun hoax, or was it?

However, as Hasbro stopped Furby's production and their mainstream popularity veined, they got a second chance online. The Furby Tumblr Fandom (Furblr) is a dedicated and accepting community - with a whole lot of drama, scams, and questionable content. And also, creatively modified furballs that ranged from body horror creations like My Little Pony oddbodies to the Long Furby that changed meme culture forever. Even fake Furby knockoffs like Peepy or a Hamtaro lookalike robot are adored and have their own fandom on Tumblr.

So, hug your nostalgic plushie (or Furby), get some popcorn, and let's jump into the wonderfully strange world of Furby and the weird tales of its undying fandom.

★ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
1:25 Furby Controversies
19:03 Tumblr Fandom
26:55 Long Furby & Oddbody
32:03 Furby Hacking
34:09 Japanese Fandom
36:53 Lost Media
41:54 Rare Furbies
48:34 Fake Furbies & Peepy
51:05 Furby Lore
56:00 Evil Furby
1:00:45 Furby Hate
1:04:48 Fandom Drama
1:21:04 Conclusion

 ★ Music
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★ Disclaimer
This video is not meant to send any hate or harassment toward featured individuals, fandoms, companies, or any discussed content. The sole intention of this video is to talk about topics that I am genuinely interested in, share my interests with people, and document some weird parts of internet history. Please refrain from harassing or contacting groups or people featured in this video. Although I research my videos to the best of my abilities, I do not claim that the stated facts are accurate at the time of publishing. Please correct me whenever I make a mistake. B-roll footage, as well as sound/music credits, go to the original creators. 
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