A Conversation with Nia Mathis, VP, State & Local Government Affairs at Verizon

Chamber President Laurie White spoke with Nia C. Mathis, region Vice President, State & Local Government Affairs at Verizon, about how Nia navigated her career as a working mother and now sits as a regional vice president of a global Fortune 20 company as well as issues related to return to work, labor force, innovation and workplace diversity and inclusion.

They also explored the evolution of the industry and what it means for the business community and about ways that Verizon is engaging specifically in Rhode Island.

In her role at Verizon, Nia shapes public policy in 22 states across the central Midwest and New England in support of Verizon’s objectives.

Nia has held several roles in Verizon’s legal department. She served as general counsel to Visible, which is Verizon’s flanker wireless brand and “start up” subsidiary.

Nia served as general counsel to a 12-state operating region of Verizon Wireless that was responsible for more than $10B in annual revenue to the company.
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