99% of Resumes are poorly written. Where does yours rate?

As a senior executive and plant manager for decades, I have read 1000s of resumes and hired 100s of employees. What makes a GREAT resume? Let me help with my 34 years experience. Gain insights to how resumes are screened and how job finalist are selected. This knowledge will change how you write a resume and vastly improve your odds of selection.

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Joe Kuhn is first and foremost a plant manager and leader; and now an entrepreneur. He has been a plant manager 3 times (largest plant $1.5B in sales / 2000 employees), a large department manager twice, an engineer, and due to his results he was appointed the global director of reliability and maintenance for a Fortune 200 company. His unique approach to driving reliability results come from not only his 32 years of experience, but also through the application of Lean and Six-Sigma concepts. Lean provides the "secret sauce" to achieving sustainable and rapid results -- most often in just weeks. This result fosters both sponsorship and future investment as a portion of the savings. All of these are combined to evolve a culture though new experiences.
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