9 Job Interview Red Flags - How To Spot a Bad Employer in 5 MINUTES!

How to spot a bad employer immediately by figuring out common job interview red flags. Signs of a Bad Employer: 00:00 - Bad Employers First Words
00:49 - You interact with a software
1:03 - The role still unclear
1:30 - Employer asks illegal questions
1:51 : Employer can't sell you the job/the company
2:44 : You don't connect with the recruiter AND a manager
3:14 : Company feedback is too long
3:48 Employer tries to save a few bucks on you
4:01 : Unclear why do they have a vacant position
4:15 - Questions that help you figure out turnover reasons
4:44 - How to walk out from the job interview

Watch this video, if you think your job interview didn't go well. Probably there's a reason for that and you encountered a bad employer.

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