8 Job Interview Red Flags! (SIGNS OF A BAD EMPLOYER!!) by Richard McMunn of: https://passmyinterview.com/top-30-interview-questions-answers/
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In this video, Richard McMunn gives you 8 red flags to look out for during your job interview!

If you have a job interview, and any of these 8 red flags come up, then you might decide to not accept an offer of employment with their company.

If you do accept a job offer, then you might live to regret it!

INTERVIEW RED FLAG #1 - The interviewer asks you inappropriate or illegal interview questions.
1. If the interviewer asks you any questions that have no relevance to your ability to perform the role to the required standards, be very cautious.

2. Questions about your marital status, sexual orientation, who you live with, your plans to have a family in the future, or how would you cope with a large age gap between yourself and your colleagues are not acceptable, and they would give me serious cause for concern.

INTERVIEW RED FLAG #2 - The employer has a very high turnover of staff!
1. In some employment sectors there tends to be a higher turnover of staff than others. For example, in call centers and seasonal job positions, you will normally see a higher turnover of staff, and this is generally acceptable.

2. However, if the organization you are applying to work for has a turnover of staff that gives you cause for concern, it might be a sign of a toxic work environment,

INTERVIEW RED FLAG #3 – The job description is vague or lacking in detail.
1. The job description outlines what you will be required to do on a daily basis. If there is no job description, or there is a lack of detail, this would certainly give me cause for concern.

2. It would concern me because I believe it shows an employer to be disorganized, and it could also indicate that they themselves are not 100% sure what they need you to do on a daily basis in the role.


INTERVIEW RED FLAG #4 – There are lots of negative employee reviews on websites such as GlassDoor.com.
1. Before applying for any job it is a good idea to carry out some research on websites such as GlassDoor.com.

2. On these websites you can usually find employee reviews which will give you a bit of an indication as to what it is like working for that organization.

3. However, always remember that happy employees don’t tend to leave reviews about their employer online, whereas a disgruntled employee might do. Therefore, you may need to take some of the negative reviews with a pinch of salt.

INTERVIEW RED FLAG #5 – The interviewer or hiring manager is unacceptably late for the interview.
1. If you are left waiting long after the scheduled interview start time, it might be a sign that the interviewer has little respect for your time.

2. However, there will be situations where an interviewer is genuinely running late, or something unexpected comes up, in which case this wouldn’t overly concern me. If the interviewer apologizes for running late, this is fine!

However, if the interviewer is 15 or 30 minutes late for the interview without good reason, this would concern me.

INTERVIEW RED FLAG #6 – The interviewer looks disinterested throughout the interview.
1. If you get the feeling during the job interview that the Hiring Manager is disinterested in your answers to the questions, or if they seem preoccupied with something else, it could be a sign that they won’t be a caring or considerate employer.

2. Always trust your gut feeling, and if you have any concerns whatsoever, think twice about accepting a job with their company.

INTERVIEW RED FLAG #7 – The answers to your questions at the end of the interview are vague!
1. At the end of the interview, you will have the chance to ask the interviewer some questions of your own. Some questions to ask include:

Q1. What are the plans for the business over the next few years and how could I help you to achieve them?
Q2. What advice would you give to the successful candidate who wants to excel in the role?

However, if the interviewer doesn’t want to answer these simple questions, or if their answers are vague, it might tell you that they are not interested in your ambitions or your professional needs.

INTERVIEW RED FLAG #8 – A lack of transparency during the interview could indicate a toxic work environment.
1. Lack of transparency about the role, about the salary, about the working conditions are just some examples.

2. To assess what the working environment is like, if you do have any concerns, simply ask the interviewer the following question at the end of the interview:
What’s the culture like in the organization?


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