8 Employees Face Their Worst Nightmares for $25,000 || Barstool's Most Dangerous Gameshow Episode 1

Barstool's Most Dangerous Gameshow Presented by Mattress Firm. In episode 1, 8 Barstool Sports employees go into the woods to survive the wilderness and face their worst nightmares in the hopes of winning $25,000 at the end. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday

The activities in this show were performed by or under the supervision of a professional. For your safety and the protection of those around you, please do not attempt to perform or reenact these activities in any manner.

Barstool Sports does not accept video submissions of any kind for this show and expressly prohibits the submission of any content that depicts or encourages dangerous activities.

All animals on set were handled by or under the supervision of a professional animal trainer.

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