7 Unusual Actuary Employee Perks (100% Real!)

Wish you got to nap at work? I hear you!

And it turns out, some actuarial employers do too!

Actuarial jobs can have some unique perks (like nap rooms!) that you might not have heard about.

Some companies will even pay off your student debt or let you bring your pet to work.

Awesome, right?

So, watch this video to find out exactly which employers provide these cool perks.

You'll even learn about stepping stone positions that offer great perks too!

As a top actuarial candidate, you're likely to have more options when it comes to choosing where you would want to work. So, this video will help you narrow down your top actuarial employers as you search for your dream job!

Which companies would you want to work for? Let me know in the comments!

And, if you want some extra support on your actuarial journey, you should check out the Actuary Accelerator Community (AAC)!

In the AAC, you’ll find tons of resources to help you become a top candidate, from Excel projects to study materials and even networking strategies.

You can go here to learn more and join:

• Intro 0:00
• Many actuarial employers value this 1:03
• This perk is quite unique! 2:14
• This company hires many entry-level actuaries 3:31
• Anyone would love this 4:15
• This is a huge financial perk 5:03
• Students and recent grads will love this one! 6:04
• Additional perks 7:09

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