7 Signs of a Bad Employer (Avoid This Kind of Company!)

7 Signs of a Bad Employer - Avoid this kind of company if you run into any of these signs. Whether you’re interviewing for the job or about to apply, there are hiring red flags and interview red flags that you want to pay attention to so that you can avoid a bad employer in your future.

In this video I’m sharing the interview warning signs to look out for and some potential employer red flags that you might have glossed over in the past but that you definitely want to pay attention to going forward. The interview tips and signs in this video will help save you from a bad employer and toxic workplace, and will increase your chances of landing a new role at a company you’ll enjoy.



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In this video, I walk through these red flags for job seekers:

0:00 - Is it possible to avoid a bad employer?
1:00 - The obvious (and most overlooked) warning sign
2:34 - They don’t respect you, your time or others
3:22 - How you should treat interviews
4:27 -This is a red flag at the end of the interview process
5:42 - They subtly show you or warn you (here’s how)
7:05 - Look out for this when reading job descriptions
7:51 - The most annoying interview red flag
8:22 - They’re constantly losing people (here’s how to find out)
9:47 - If you need more help with your job search
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